Pictures from RPM, Sat 19th November 2011

A huge thank you to Ruben Cruz / Kraken Photography for this superb series of photographs from another great night at RPM at The Farmhouse! We had almost the full complement of RPM DJs this month, and we really mixed it up! Funky rock, psych, soul, mod classics, 80s boogie, hip hop, disco, latin, Afrobeat, speed lounge… if it’s groovy then it’ll make the cut!

Over to Ruben to describe the night…

“What an amazing night of true funk elegance and vintage astuteness. The boys from RPM returned to Canterbury’s most elegant and unique venue where all the hip cats and dandy ladies go, The Farmhouse. The RPM collective and guests kept the dance floor packed and jumping as they played out rare and exciting treats for the ears and for the soul. Hit after hit the crowd loved every second of what turned out to be a fantastic name builder for the night as the smiles spread across the floor with ease and the good mood of all in attendance made it a very memorable night for us.

We hope all in attendance enjoyed themselves and we here at Kraken wait excitedly for our next adventure with the boys from RPM!”

All Pictures property of Ruben Cruz and Kraken Photography. Duplicating or printing of pictures is strictly prohibited. Any changes to images or altering in any way violates all copyright agreements and will be dealt with through legal channels.

If you’re on Facebook, check the full set here.

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