DJ Moogaloo’s funky bag of pipes mix

Did you know that it’s possible to get funky with a set of bagpipes? Us neither. So DJ Moogaloo got busy on the old ones and twos once again and proved us wrong with this incredible array of crazy, tooting parpy grooviness… no kilt required!

Bagpipes were never meant to be funky. Their imprecise drone sound was meant to signal the threatening sound of a Scottish clan on the march and to inject fear into their enemies, not make you nod your head and wig out.

Well this does not seem to have stopped some crazy people from adding a pinch of the funk to the bagpipe sound.

Some are traditional bagpipe music, just with funky drums, driving bass and maybe some freaky electronics, others are out and out funk, with the bagpipe woven in.

I don’t have a vast collection of this sort of thing, and I think even the short mix here might try some people’s endurance, but it is good fun.

Funky Bag of Pipes


Scotch On The Rocks – Robert Murphy
Listen Heah – Bros In Co-Op
The Hens March To The Midden – Jimmy Pride
Malika – Rufus Harley
Pop Pudding – Robert Murphy
The Funky Beggerman – Jimmy Pride

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