Ed the-e-man: Disco Abidjan afro-funk and disco mix!

A change of scene, sound and decade now… here’s a mix of obscure afrobeat, afro-funk and disco from Nigeria, Ivory Coast and more…

1.A.C.B. Rap
by Abidjan City Breakers
2.I Want To keep Your Appointment
3.Sweet Loving
by Manford Best
4.Mi tchinker
by Tohon Stanislaw
by Peter King
by Mansany
7.Just A Boogie
by Nayanka Bell
by Jovino
9.People Need Peace
by Jo Tongo
10.Papa’s Land
by Sonny Okoson
11.Machine Mwa Bwindea
by Ekambe Brilliant
12.Wazy Doble
by Gougoumangou

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