Ed the-e-man: Disco Abidjan afro-funk and disco mix!

A change of scene, sound and decade now… here’s a mix of obscure afrobeat, afro-funk and disco from Nigeria, Ivory Coast and more…

1.A.C.B. Rap
by Abidjan City Breakers
2.I Want To keep Your Appointment
3.Sweet Loving
by Manford Best
4.Mi tchinker
by Tohon Stanislaw
by Peter King
by Mansany
7.Just A Boogie
by Nayanka Bell
by Jovino
9.People Need Peace
by Jo Tongo
10.Papa’s Land
by Sonny Okoson
11.Machine Mwa Bwindea
by Ekambe Brilliant
12.Wazy Doble
by Gougoumangou

Ed the-e-man: Stars & Rockets funky soundtrack mix!

Here’s a mix of the kind of classic dancefloor groovy soundtrack music that we played at the Night Of The Living Dudes and are spinning again at RPM!

1.Food for my soul (Sea For Yourself OST)
by Dennis Dragon
2.Addict’s Psalm (Cross & Switchblade OST)
by Ralph Carmichael
3.Stars & Rockets (Chariots Of The Gods OST)
by Peter Thomas
4.Bedazzled (Bedazzled OST)
by Dudley Moore
5.Crise (Crise OST)
by Pierre Cavalli
6.Sunday Drivin’ (On Any Sunday OST)
by Dominic Frontiere
7.Hot Wind (Hell’s Belles OST)
by Les Baxter
8.Shaft In Africa Addis (Shaft In Africa OST)
by Johnny Pate
9.Jump Back (Nine Lives Of Fritz The Cat OST)
by Tom Scott
10.Adios Amigo (Adios Amigo OST)
by Infernal Blues Machine
11.Rubber Ducky (The Heist OST)
by Quincy Jones
12.Brawling Broads (Coffy OST)
by Roy Ayers
13.Melinda Latino (Melinda OST)
by Jerry Butler
14.I Work The Whole City (Taxi Driver OST)
by Bernard Herrmann
15.Executive Party Dance (Rollerball OST)
by Andre Previn
16.Condor (Three Days Of The Condor OST)
by Dave Grusin
17.Hot Wheels (Gordon’s War OST)
by Andy Badale
18.Mama Feelgood (Black Caesar OST)
by Marva Whitney
19.O-o-h Child (Crooklyn OST)
by Five Stairsteps

Ed the-e-man: Paris Soul rare groovy soundtracks mix!

Here’s a beautiful autumnal mix of rare European groovy soundtracks, an imaginary soundtrack for a long summer drive through the south of France in the 1960s in an open-top E-Type Jag… enjoy!

1.La Valise (Generique)
by Philippe Sarde
by Richard & Moore
3.Recontre Olga
by Jean Cousineau
by Guy Pedersen
5.Strana Gente
by Gianni Ferrio
6.Femme, femme
by Jacques loussier
by Luis Bacalov
8.Mr. Icecream Again
by Gianni Ferrio
9.Cha cha cha de loup
by Serge Gainsbourg
10.Le poursuite
by Michel Legrand
by Jack Ackerman
12.Fugue avec Marie
by Jean Cousineau
13.Just Keep On Walking
by Michel Colombier
14.In The Wave
by Sven Libaek
15.Te connais-tu toi-meme
by Guy Pedersen
by Serge Gainsbourg
17.Doucement Les Bases – Generique Fin
18.All the city’s watching
by Clinic
by François De Roubaix
by Michel Colombier
by Jack Elliott
22.Jenny Takes A Ride
by Lenny Stack
23.The road to Salina – Generique
by Clinic
24.Amour Mariage
by François De Roubaix
by Christophe

RPM this Saturday!

We are back at The Farmhouse this coming Saturday, 28th July, after a great weekend at Lounge. DJ Moogaloo will be spinning fantastic speed lounge, Bollywood, mod spins and classic soul, and Jeff’s back with late 70s and 80s electro, hip hop, rare groove and funk! See you there!

DJ Moogaloo: Soul Flavoured Jazz Divas mix

This month DJ Moogaloo has really pulled out all the stops and compiled a superb series of mixes themed around female jazz singers making soul records. This is one of our favourite subjects and you’ll hear many of these records played at RPM regularly.

Here is another between the gaps genre, when great female jazz singers get groovy, some just dabble with the odd track, or LP and others like Marlena Shaw sit right in the middle of the two. They do end up with a unique quality soulful sound, often with scatting.

Here are the links for Parts 1 and 2; Part 3 is in the works too, you lucky people!

Soul Flavoured Jazz Divas

Part 1
Night Owl – Cleo Laine
Save Me – Nina Simone
Get Ready – Ella Fitzgerald
Woman Of The Ghetto – Marlena Shaw
Compared To What – Della Reese
Inner City Blues – Sarah Vaughan
Let’s Wade In The Water – Marlena Shaw
Hey Jude – Ella Fitzgerald
Funkier Than A Mosquito’S Tweeter – Nina Simone
Aquarius- Cleo Laine
Part 2
Sunshine Of Your Love – Ella Fitzgerald
My Love’s A Monster- Clea Bradford
Right Now – Salena Jones
Liberation Conversation – Marlena Shaw
Willie And Laura May Jones – The New Zealand Jazz Orchestra
Catch A Robber The Toe – Sylvia Mcneil
It Was A Very Good Year – Della Reese
Ain’t Got No; I Got Life – Nina Simone
California Soul – Marlena Shaw


We had a great weekend at Lounge On The Farm, hope you all did too! Plenty of sunshine and summertime grooves in the Farmhouse Bar and Roller Disco tent… here’s us starting the early afternoon set on Fri!

RPM at Lounge On The Farm!

The RPM DJ tag team are playing at the brilliant Lounge On The Farm festival again this weekend. Very excited!

We are playing our usual eclectic mix of lounge, afrobeat, latin, funky rock, psych, soundtracks, bollywood, disco, electro, old school hip hop and more all day Saturday 7th July at the Farmhouse Bar and also spinning disco, funk, boogie and electro at Roller Disco on Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.

RPM this Saturday!

See you for this month’s RPM on Saturday, Sat 23rd June 2012!

We’re moving to the last Saturday of the month as of next month so here are some new dates for your RPM diary:

Sat 28 July 2012
Sat 25 August 2012
Sat 29 September 2012
Sat 27 October 2012

RPM tonight: disco special!

Tonight at rpm we’ll be paying a fine tribute to three legends: Donna Summer, Godfather of go-go Mr Chuck Brown, and legendary Booker Ts bass player Duck Dunn… Plus we have a special guest DJ with some monster tunes too! See you later, usual drill, three sheets after 10, spinning through ’til 2… Party hearty!