RPM tonight!

We’re really excited about tonight’s Rpm! It’s the first night since last month’s sell-out show so we’ve upped our game, got the full rpm tag team out, and really dug deep to find some incredible new tunes for ya! See you later!


RPM this Saturday, 21st April 2012

That seems like a very looong month since the last RPM, so we’re back with a vengeance this Saturday (on the third Saturday of the month again) with our bags packed extra-full of choice tunes for your listening (and dancing) pleasure! See you on Saturday at The Farmhouse!

If there’s anything we’ve played before that you really want to hear again, or anything that fits the RPM house style and you think we might just have nestling somewhere in the RPM vinyl vault, just bung us a tweet, mail, Facebook message or a comment here on the blog and we’ll do our best…

DJ Moogaloo’s funky bag of pipes mix

Did you know that it’s possible to get funky with a set of bagpipes? Us neither. So DJ Moogaloo got busy on the old ones and twos once again and proved us wrong with this incredible array of crazy, tooting parpy grooviness… no kilt required!

Bagpipes were never meant to be funky. Their imprecise drone sound was meant to signal the threatening sound of a Scottish clan on the march and to inject fear into their enemies, not make you nod your head and wig out.

Well this does not seem to have stopped some crazy people from adding a pinch of the funk to the bagpipe sound.

Some are traditional bagpipe music, just with funky drums, driving bass and maybe some freaky electronics, others are out and out funk, with the bagpipe woven in.

I don’t have a vast collection of this sort of thing, and I think even the short mix here might try some people’s endurance, but it is good fun.

Funky Bag of Pipes


Scotch On The Rocks – Robert Murphy
Listen Heah – Bros In Co-Op
The Hens March To The Midden – Jimmy Pride
Malika – Rufus Harley
Pop Pudding – Robert Murphy
The Funky Beggerman – Jimmy Pride

DJ Moogaloo: Journey to the East – sitarsploitation mix!

DJ Moogaloo’s been sweating over the Indo-Jazz Fusion and Bollywood breaks and beats in order to bring to you this fabulous sitar groovers mix – we’ll be spinning a few of these at forthcoming RPMs so come prepared to wig out!

I took part in a CD swap for verygoodplus.co.uk in 2011 and this is the mix I came up with. It is kind of representative of my tastes in music, so a bit of a mixed bag and as it is aimed at fellow record collectors most of it is quite obscure and all from original vinyl (Except the last track which was never released and was recorded of the TV).

I came up with the title “Joy of Funk” partly a play on words of “Joy of Sex” but mainly because I felt that what tied it all together was a celebratory joyousness. There is nothing moody of deep here, just a groovy uplifting mix of great tunes.

We have electronic belly dance, bollywood, funk, library music, hammond organ groovers, tropicalia, Brazilian Telenova Soundtracks and anything else that I like. Hope you enjoy them to 🙂


Journey to the East – a sitarsploitation wig-out!

Ae Naujawan Hai Sab Kuchh Yahan – Kalyanji Anandji
Come Here Calcutta – Johnny Pearson
You Keep Me Hanging On – Paul Mauriat
The Letter – Nirvana Sitar And Strings Group
His Latest Flame – Ananda Shankar
Mas Que Nada – Alan Lorber Orchestra
I Can See For Miles – Lord Sitar
Journey To The East – Bill Plummer And His Cosmic Brotherhood
Eight Miles High – Bob Thiele And His New Happy Times Orchestra / Gabor Szabo
Paint It Black – Folkswingers
These Boots Where Made For Walking – Balsara And His Singing Sitars
Sitar Sitter – The Scottmen
Delhi Discoteque – Johnny Pearson
Groovy Delivery Boy – Frank Devol
The Lonely Rider – Ananda Shankar

RPM: next dates

Hi, just a quick reminder about the next 3 RPM dates… stick ’em in the diary! Might be a cheeky fancy dress theme or two for the forthcoming RPMs, keep ’em peeled on the posters and flyers for details…

Saturday 21 April 2012

Saturday 19 May 2012

Saturday 23 June 2012